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This section includes articles and reports on voice search and voice technology. Have a look to learn about the key facts and stats surrounding voice.

Voice Marketing Tactics: There’s Only 100k Searches a Month Up For Grabs Anyway – Will Critchlow of Distilled discusses in some detail as to why he believes voice search isn’t as disruptive as many seem to think.

How voice assistance is reshaping consumer behaviour (article data) – Did you know that 52% of those who own a voice-activated speaker say they keep it in a common room (e.g. family room, living room, etc.)? Or that 62% of consumers who regularly use voice-activated devices say “they are likely to buy something” through the speaker in the next month? There are a lot of interesting stats around voice assistance, and Think with Google has compiled a number of them in this post.

Prepare for the voice revolution – For this report, PwC surveyed 1,000 Americans to gauge their awareness and usage of voice technology. The report also compares how different voice assistants stack up, and how they influencer smartphone and home purchases.

Time to Navigate the Super Myway – This page outlines the findings from the 2018 Accenture Digital Consumer Survey of 21,000 online consumers. The study identified stand-alone voice assistance as one of the hottest technologies, and Accenture shares some of the key data points they found.

Internet Trends 2017 – Code Conference – Presented by Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins, this is a slide deck that details the top global internet trends for 2017. There are a handful of slides on voice technology, which talk about voice-based mobile and home platforms. (Jump to page 46 of the deck to learn more.)

33 Voice Search Statistics to Prepare You for the Voice Search Revolution – In this post, WordStream shares some general voice search numbers, along with data on voice usage, user demographics, device statistics, and voice commerce stats.

OK Google, Siri, Alexa, Cortana; Can you tell me some stats on voice search? – The folks at Branded3 has put together voice search stats across different categories, including voice search usage and predictions to intent, commerce, and errors.

Will Reynolds Found of Seer Interactive: Shares some “OK Google” stats from their client base. 17.2 million search terms and approximately 120 million data points.

OK Google, What Are You Really Saying? by James McNulty – How we are using voice search and how voice search is impacting us today?

Voice Search Ranking Report – Report produced by the team at Roast marketing agency.

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